What's in it for me?

 I'm so glad you asked. Perhaps your mom suggested checking out MyTribe, or maybe your friend is involved and you're curious. You may just be ready for a change and want to make new friends. All of these are great reasons to check us out. You can try us out free your first time! You don't have to commit to anything.


In early Fall I was approached by a student, at my High School, asking if I would sponsor a new club at our school. That particular club did not pan out, but if you know me I started researching club ideas right away before I even knew it wasn't going to work out. One thing led to another in my mind and heart. It was then that I decided I needed to start something in my own community, specifically for girls. I prayed about this decision I was about to make. I then felt led to make this a faith-based community for girls.


My hope is that you will share in our community of girls from all different backgrounds. You will share in our community of girls with different interests. You will accept each other's differences and participate together in activities. When I was a pre-teen/teen I longed for something like this. My best friend and I even took an etiquette class one Spring in an effort to be a part of something. It was fun and we felt comfortable in our own skin when we were there. It was over after 6 weeks. It was also missing the faith-based aspect. Yes, I loved my youth group! I was involved in sports and I was an Athletic Trainer in High school. However, I had downtime. There were many summers and breaks that I had nothing to do. There were seasons when I wished I had somewhere I felt I belonged. This is what I hope to accomplish with MyTribe. I would love for MyTribe to be a place you can come and be you, feel accepted, and grow in many directions in your life. 



Edmond, OK, USA