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Excited to get started on the Mytribe blog...

This picture reminds me of connection and community. Exactly what I envision for MyTribe. I have hopes and dreams for this community that keep me up at night . "Back then", as my 7 year old refers to the past, even in the Bible, community was a major part of their lives. It has been important for as long as the beginning of time.God intended it that way. I pray that you will find a positive community experience when you decide to join a MyTribe session. I pray you will return. Be open to the possibilities. If you don't know anyone else attending, be brave and give it a chance. If you know other girls that are attending that you're not sure about, have courage and attempt to be a part of something that will bring you closer to God. I am around pre-teen girls frequently. I am amazed at their hearts and their intentions to be kind and friendly. I'm also a firm believer in the saying, "be kind, you never know what battle a person might be fighting".


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