About the Founder


Thanks for taking the time to find out more about who is behind MyTribe. Let me start off by saying I am a faithful believer in Jesus. With God's grace I strive to please him in all aspects of my life. It's not always an easy path but definitely one worth taking. I've been married to my God fearing, adorable husband for 25 years. Yes, I was young when we got married. We have three amazing and unique children. Our oldest son, whom I greatly miss, is going to be a junior at Oklahoma Christian. Our second born child, Sophie, is co-founder of MyTribe. Her beautiful Christian spirit and creativity will be such a blessing to MyTribe. Camille, our youngest, who is full of deep belly laughs, creativity, and passion, will also be adding her two cents in this journey. As for me, I'm a dreamer and a planner. Not sure those go hand in hand. I have a different, sometimes crass, sense of humor. It doesn't take much for me to be amused. If it has to do with my kids I can be heard laughing a breathy laugh to the point of not being able to breath. I love teaching! I am a Special Education teacher for K12 schools. I also love my Celebrate Recovery family at Memorial Road Church of Christ. I'm a practical girl, not much make up or fashion expertise. I LoVe me a good thrift store. Drinking homemade vanilla chai lattes are my fave. I consider myself an introvert whose not afraid to sit in a restaurant alone. I truly love all kinds of people. Working in the yard is a "getaway " for me. As one who has struggled with anxiety and depression off and on I have become more aware of healthy habits to be the best Jesus lover, wife, mom, and friend. Which leads into WHY I wanted to start MyTribe.


  For some time now I have had it upon my heart to start a “club” for young girls. As a child and adolescent we moved, a lot! It was all too often that I felt as if I did not fit in or have close friends. To say I struggled with self-confidence is an understatement. As early as 4th grade I started a Kid’s Only Club, in an effort to have a place for kids to come and belong. I went as far as having a monogram stamp made for the “KO Club”. I look back and grin at my early efforts to “Be the Change”.  As a child and adolescent I experienced the death of my father, trauma, family members in recovery from addiction, and a frequent feeling of feeling uprooted and out of place. Thankfully I had a wonderful, single mother raising me, that did her best to keep my life as normal as possible, but life was definitely not without challenges. Due to my personal experiences I have always been passionate about and a lover of people.  I enjoy helping others who have faced challenges in their lives. I call it my comfort zone. I have finally decided to listen to the nudges from God to start something that will use my gift of compassion to serve and minister to young girls (ages 8-17).  As a mother, educator and former child welfare worker, I am often reminded of the need for education and support in the area of wellness; not to mention all the staggering statistics related to mental and physical wellness among this age group. This is how MyTribe was created.  MyTribe is a faith based wellness community for girls, ages 8-17. Our main focus is to educate, encourage, and empower young girls to have a healthy mind, body, and heart, through workshops, classes, and events. MyTribe is not to be confused with counseling. We are a supportive community. MyTribe is in the process of obtaining Non-profit status. I can't wait to see how God will bless others through this community.



Edmond, OK, USA